cubist nude oil painting

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Cubistic nude 02 (2013)

Cubistic Nude Study

A cubistic nude study after movement. Lately I was inspired by Marcel Duchamp‘s ‘nu descendant un escalier No 2′. His attempt was about the stroboscopic depiction of a time lapse. Contrary to this I just like women swinging their hips and try to enforce that feel by big rectangular stroboscope-like beams adjacent to her legs. No further pretentions.

First Cubistic Nude

This oil is the next one after Cubistic Nude 01 (2013) I made a month earlier. In Cubistic Woman (2011) and Cubistic Woman (2010) I still was discovering the eventual forms and ideas of how I wanted to treat cubism my way. What I kept though is a much stronger use of colour than both Duchamp and Picasso, Gris, Braque and many others.

Unifying Isms

I think I can get away with hit because by means of the divisionistic result gained by placing complementary plains of colours next to eachother. At all costs I wanted to avoid a merky look I do not admire in so many cubist paintings of the first wave. This search also brought me a preliminary success in the unification of realism (by means of a correct use of depth, proportions and tonality), expessionism, pointillism, cubism and even realism.


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Oil on linen (100 x 120 cm)

Artist: Corné Akkers