Model session – 14-02-19

Model session – 14-02-19   Last session with my model I wanted to have her pose a little bit more risqué but counterbalance it by keeping the hatched strokes rather […]


Nude – 02-02-19

The object was to do a pastel drawing similar to ‘model session – 17-01-19’ but to keep the hatched strokes rather wide. I also wanted to combine more complementary colour combinations in order to get a greyish look while on the other hand those hatched strokes look very saturated up close.


De Koepel (The Dome) at Voorburg – 01-11-18

When I go to teach at Studio Brugman, atVoorburg I often come across The Dome (De Koepel), situated in the middle of estate ‘Vreugd en Rust’. When I saw the autumn sun burst through the trees I saw the link to the ‘inner necessity’ felt by people like Alexej von Jawlensky and Kadinsky from the ‘Blaue Reiter’ movement. 1 + 1 equals two and that very sun and the exhibition I visited last Sunday at the Gemeentemuseum where I saw all his works, culmunated into this piece, rather expressionistic of nature, in which I expressed my inner necessity.


Model session – 29-11-18

Model session – 29-11-18   This evening I had a great session with my main model throughout the years. She is slender, knows what I want and shows dark skin […]


Model – 01-12-17

Model – 01-12-17   Some months ago I started attending some drawing sessions at Rotterdam where I did short positions again. I liked it a lot and since there is […]


Pastel study 03 (2013) (sold)

Pastel study 03 (2013) (sold)  A study left ‘open’ quite a bit. I like it and going to do more like these one day.  Pastel drawing on Canson Mi-Teintes paper […]