Berg en Dal 03 (2014) (sold)

Expressionistic treescape pastel drawing

A rather expressionistic approach to one of my favourite spots in The Netherlands – Berg en Dal, near Nijmegen where I grew up.

The Japanese garden 2 (2014)

impressionistic treescape pastel drawing

The second of two pastels on the Japanese Garden at estate ‘Clingendael’ at The Hague, Netherlands. This one is as impressionistic as the first and I’m looking forward to do some more.

The Japanese garden 1 (2014)

impressionistic treescape pastel drawing

An impressionistic view on the Japanese Garden at estate ‘Clingendael’ at The Hague, Netherlands. Opened in spring and autumn only.

Estate ‘Reigersbergen’ 01 (2014)

impressionist treescape pastel drawing

A pastel drawing of Estate ‘Reigersbergen’ adjacent to the Haagse Bos in quite some impressionistic moves. You can see me walk there very often because I live close by. Because of my artistic activities and my need to keep up my condition I take 10.000 steps per day.

The Ooij polder (2013)

pointillistic landscape oil painting

A pointillistic view on The Ooij Polder, an area between the German border and Nijmegen, the place where I grew up.

Sitting nude (2012)

Impressionistic nude graphite pencil drawing

A prestudy for a pastel based on a picture shot my Man Ray of his muse Lee Miller.

Self portrait (2004)

Impressionistic portrait pastel drawing

My one and only attempt to put pastel on canvas board. It doesn’t have enough tooth so I didn’t even finished it.