Model session – 31-12-19

impressionist nude pastel drawing

Last day of the year and completed a work in progress I started during a live session with my regular model. With just two simple LED reading lamps I got the atmosphere right

Model session – 23-11-19

Last Thursday 21th of November I had my regular model over again in my studio and it was a good session. I placed two led light sources next to her, creating a nice razor light over her body.

Julia – 19-11-19

Saturday 16th Novembern2019 I had Julia Gómes Avilés over as a model again. I wanted to express her dancing skills by a dynamic pose in which she holds her foot and combine it with her bodily features running off paper like natural waves.

Model session – 26-09-19

Impressionistic nude pastel drawing

Model sketching time again. My mind was occupied with many other projects but live model sketching always has priority. Whereas skecthing often is called the primary process, live model sketching I consider to be primus inter pares.

Voorburg – 27-08-19

impressionistich treescape graphite pencil drawing

Another drawing of a chiaroscuro forest lane at Park Sonnenburgh in Voorburg, Netherlands, conveniently lingering about around the corner of where I work.

Rotterdam – 23-07-19

impressionistic cityscape graphite pencil drawing of Rotterdam

In the dead of summer means I am in the midst of the outdoor sketching season. Although I did not complete this one on the spot the invention of the basic composition and planal distribution were done at Katendrecht, Rotterdam.

Voorburg – 22-07-19

impressionistic treescape graphite pencil drawing

After teaching today I went to Park Sonnenburgh in Voorburg, Netherlands around the corner.

Beek – 21-07-19

impressionistic treescape graphite pencil drawing

Today I was out on a trip to Beek-Ubbergen with my parents. We returned to the place where I sketched two previous drawings. This time I drew the whole thing at the very spot, opposite to the Duivelsberg (Mount Devil).

The Hague – 21-05-19

Cubistic cityschape graphite pencil drawing

At the front my flat overlooks a great cityscape of The Hague, Netherlands, where I live. Already used as a styled (roundism) background in my oil painting ‘The Madonna of The Hague (2015)’ I decided to do a small sketch of the same view, now enriched with some extra high buildings like ‘New Babylon’ in the city centre.

Self Portrait – 20-05-19

Impressionistic portrait pastel drawing

A quick sketch in pastel and charcoal after I completed my graphite pencil drawing ‘Wijk bij Duurstede – 20-05-19’ this evening.