Risque – 24-03-22

expressionist nude pastel drawing

The first pastel drawing in the Risque series and was long overdue. At the beginning of February I started this one just to fill the time waiting for my students.

Golden Night – 08-03-21

cubist nude pastel drawing

This pastel drawing Golden Night – 08-02-21 is based on a previous graphite pencil drawing Roundism 10-08-20. What I do is to browse through my collection of drawing and just pick one to execute in color.

Golden Lilac – 07-02-21

cubist nude pastel drawing

This pastel drawing Golden Lilac – 07-02-21 is based on a previous graphite pencil drawing ‘Nude – 13-01-16’. Once in a while I realize I draw in graphite more often than in pastel or oil.

Roundism – 18-01-18

cubist nude pastel drawing

Based on my previous graphite drawing ‘Roundism – 11-01-18’ I made this one in pastel, allowing me to study the female body covered in oil.

Model session @ Rotterdam – 19-11-17 (sold)

Expressionistic nude pastel drawing

Yesterday’s session at Rotterdam offered Gabriëlle, the model of that Sunday afternoon. She had great hip bones and was slender, thus showing great angles and triangles with her body.

Nude – 04-03-16 (sold)

Expressionistic nude pastel drawing

A pastel that was lingering about in my studio for years until I completed it. I went for a strong purple / yellow contrast. It’s now with a private collector in China.

Pearls – 01-03-16 (sold)

Cubistic nude pastel drawing

This was commissioned work and the purpose was to capture sensuality and through cubist forms get the round female shapes.

Meyendel – 16-02-15 (sold)

Impressionistic treescape pastel drawing

A more cubistic pastel drawing of Meyendel, following the previous ones. I like this ones better because I dared to put the cubes through the branches so the drawing becomes fragmented.

Meyendel – 10-02-15 (sold)

cubist treescape pastel drawing promotion

Another pastel drawing I made at Meyendel in the dunes just outside The Hague. Being the first drawing after my graphite pencil drawing ‘Meyendel 2 – 12-06-14’ I wanted something different.

Roundism – 06-10-14 (sold)

Surrealistic nude pastel drawing

A pastel in the roundism series. I think it might be the first one. Looking back I think I was very risky with the colour scheme but I wanted to enforce the jump-like figure. It’s owned now by a private Chinese collector.