Model session – 14-02-19

expressionistic nude pastel drawing

Last session with my model I wanted to have her pose a little bit more risqué but counterbalance it by keeping the hatched strokes rather rough than to finepolish them into tonal matching strokes that would approach realism too much.

Nude – 02-02-19

impressionistic nude pastel drawing

The object was to do a pastel drawing similar to ‘model session – 17-01-19’ but to keep the hatched strokes rather wide. I also wanted to combine more complementary colour combinations in order to get a greyish look while on the other hand those hatched strokes look very saturated up close.

Model – 01-12-17

expressionistic nude pastel drawing

Some months ago I started attending some drawing sessions at Rotterdam where I did short positions again.

Model session @ Rotterdam – 19-11-17 (sold)

Expressionistic nude pastel drawing

Yesterday’s session at Rotterdam offered Gabriëlle, the model of that Sunday afternoon. She had great hip bones and was slender, thus showing great angles and triangles with her body.

Nude – 04-03-16 (sold)

Expressionistic nude pastel drawing

A pastel that was lingering about in my studio for years until I completed it. I went for a strong purple / yellow contrast. It’s now with a private collector in China.

Reclining nude – 28-01-15

expressionistic nude pastel drawing

A somehow expressionistic kind of pastel drawing that came from a live drawing session with my favorite model.

Nude 13 (2013) (sol)d

Expressionistic nude pastel drawing

Classic nude done in hatched strokes with only complementary colours purple and yellow.