Flames (2007)

Surrealistic still life oil painting

A surreastic oil painting with an ashtray and flowers as cigars. I liked painting the texture of fire so I had to come up with a dark negative space to sett off the light sufficiently.

Sub rosa (2007) (sold)

surrealistic still life oil painting

Twice it came back to me because of the partner of the purchaser didn’t agree with the vibrator. The third time was a charm.

Foetus (2004)

Realistic nude oil painting

I love foreshortened positions and although the model is tucked in very tightly, through application of the golden ratio and positioning the model according it, the composition worked out fine.

Erasmus (2004) (sold)

Realistic interior oil painting

Since my birth I am a fan of big empty spaces. I painted this one in my previous apartment at the Erasmusweg, The Hague, Netherlands and used it as a stage to suggest emptiness.

Girl (1990)

Impressionistic nude charcoal drawing

A study of foreshortening of the human body.

Sleeping girl (1990)

Impressionistic nude charcoal drawing

A study of a sleeping girl. My girl back then in my student days to be precise.