Sans titre – 08-06-18 (sold)

Sans titre – 08-06-18 (sold)   I always liked Diana Ross (except for that ghaslty song ‘My Old Piano’) and when I saw a video recently I was intrigued by […]


Bettie Page – 19-05-18

Bettie  Page – 19-05-18   I found this great early picture of a young Bettie Page posing before her pin-up days of fame. Like all previous reference pictures this one […]


Roundism – 12-05-18

Roundism – 12-05-18  I tell my students often about tonal values and that colors lack them. Colors have no values, they show relations. Painting this black woman I want to […]


Roundism – 08-05-18

Roundism – 08-05-18   I found this great reference picture on which the model was heavily backlit, distorting her figure in the centre of it. That was the starting point […]


Roundism – 27-04-18

Roundism – 27-04-18 This drawing started out with the framing of a circle, being the model’s right breast. Next I found a nice circular movement from the left up her […]


Roundism – 17-04-18

Roundism – 17-04-18 In this drawing I tried to combine the edgy triangular bodyscapes with a circular movement of the model. Although the reference picture did not sbow much contrast […]


Roundism – 12-04-18

Roundism – 12-04-18 In the model I saw a great looking egg on her buttocks and thigh. Since Spring has arrived I took the liberty to freely meditate on a […]


Roundism – 07-04-18 (sold)

Roundism – 07-04-18 (sold) This drawing concentrates on triangular structures the female body often can show when posing in a slanted position. I liked the contast between the straight edgy […]


Roundism – 22-03-18 (sold)

Roundism – 22-03-18 (sold) Drawing this one I was attracted to the curvy features that allowed me to search for round forms counterbalanced by straight thin linear structures. Although there […]


Roundism – 17-03-18

Roundism – 17-03-18 Eroticism and art is as old as the Venus of Millendorf but always has been shunned and embraced at the same time. We all love sex, eroticism, […]