Cubistic nude pastel drawing

Roundism – 10-05-17

A pastel variety on the previous drawing ‘Roundism – 02-05-17’ in which I tried to match the found styled forms to a colour scheme that would match them.

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impressionistic nude pastel drawing

Nude – 21-12-16 (sold)

Did this one for a Chinese collector who wanted to have a copy the same pastel from 2012 which he acquired as well. The Chinese are into realistic western art nowadays.

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Expressionistic nude pastel drawing

Nude – 04-03-16 (sold)

A pastel that was lingering about in my studio for years until I completed it. I went for a strong purple / yellow contrast. It’s now with a private collector in China.

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Cubistic treescape pastel drawing

Meyendel – 20-12-15 (sold)

I made a first draft in black and white Conté Carrés but it didn’t work. It stood in my studio for over a year pissing me off. Finallly I knew what to do and was ready to divide space through colourful planes.

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Impressionistic portrait pastel drawing

Laura – 01-04-15 (sold)

A commission piece done in an impressionistic style with lots of clairobscur. I liked doing the blue in the hair at the left top side, showing the blue sky just outside the window.

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Meyendel – 27-02-15

A more cubistic pastel drawing of Meyendel, following the previous ones. I like this ones better because I dared to put the cubes through the branches so the drawing becomes fragmented.

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expressionistic treescape pastel drawing

Meyendel – 26-02-15

Meyendel is a park to the north of The Hague, near Wassenaar, part dunes, part forest where I like to come often. It is marked by all kinds of trees and especially the pines I love to draw / paint.

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