expressionistic treescape pastel drawing

Meyendel – 26-02-15

Meyendel is a park to the north of The Hague, near Wassenaar, part dunes, part forest where I like to come often. It is marked by all kinds of trees and especially the pines I love to draw / paint.

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Impressionistic treescape pastel drawing

Meyendel – 16-02-15 (sold)

A more cubistic pastel drawing of Meyendel, following the previous ones. I like this ones better because I dared to put the cubes through the branches so the drawing becomes fragmented.

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cubist treescape pastel drawing promotion

Meyendel – 10-02-15 (sold)

Another pastel drawing I made at Meyendel in the dunes just outside The Hague. Being the first drawing after my graphite pencil drawing ‘Meyendel 2 – 12-06-14’ I wanted something different.

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Cubistic nude pastel drawing

Roundism – 13-01-15

Part of the roundism series. I once was in Amsterdam teaching for an international group of expats and we used an Italian model who posed for us like a still.

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expressionistic nude pastel drawing

Reclining nude – 10-11-14

I was hovering over my regular model and was charmed by this unusual angle. Perhaps you can forgive me when I tell you that I made the pastel from a picture I took that session because otherwise I had to keep my head upside down the whole time.

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Surrealistic nude pastel drawing

Roundism – 06-10-14 (sold)

A pastel in the roundism series. I think it might be the first one. Looking back I think I was very risky with the colour scheme but I wanted to enforce the jump-like figure. It’s owned now by a private Chinese collector.

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impressionistic landscape pastel drawing

The Hague Forest 2 (2014)

A pastel drawing at estate ‘Reigersbergen’ near the ‘Haagse Bos’ (The Hague Forest) in an impressionistic way.Pastel drawing on Canson Mi-Teintes Touch paper (47 x 62 x 0.1 cm).

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impressionistic treescape pastel drawing

The Japanese garden 2 (2014)

The second of two pastels on the Japanese Garden at estate ‘Clingendael’ at The Hague, Netherlands. This one is as impressionistic as the first and I’m looking forward to do some more.

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cubistic museum pastel drawing

Gemeentemuseum 03 (2014)

The Gemeentemuseum at The Hague, Netherlands is one of the leading museums in the world with the biggest Mondriaan collection (among others ‘Victory Boogie Woogie’, admired by Barrack Obama at the spot) I felt doing a series turning Berlage’s architecture into cubism. This is one of them.

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