cubistic nude pastel drawing

Cubistic nude (01) (prestudy) (2013)

This is the prestudy for ‘Cubistic nude 01 (2013)’ on pastel. I used velours paper and Schmincke pastels so I could fill up planes easily and make a swift progression, keeping up with the ideas that I feared would be lost if I would set it up to slowly.

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Expressionistic nude pastel drawing

Nude 02 (2012) (sold)

There is so much colour to be found in shadows. I hardly use unsaturated colours in them because then it looks so brownish and I can’t relate to that. This found its way to a Chinese collector.

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Impressionistic portrait of Nicole Kidman pastel pencil drawing

Portrait of a lady (2012) (sold)

It’s not that often that I like to finedetail a drawing but in the case of portraying Nicole Kidman I liked to see how far I could push my own style of hatched strokes with my Derwent pastel pencils (I hardly use).

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realistic nude pastel drawing

l’Odalisque (2012)

Many have painted a l’Odalisque but this one is based on a photo by Eugène Durieu (1850’s). I thought even Delacroix used this picture as a reference photo.

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