Surrealist nude graphite pencil drawing

Cleopatra – 22-12-18

When I saw the reference picture I was inspired to turn the model sitting in a bath with lots of foam around her,into a donkey milk bath with Cleopatra in it for the sake of my Egyptian ambition.

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Cubistic nude graphite pencil drawing

La Langue Verte – 14-12-18

I liked the triangular position of the model’s body and put her in an Egyptian scenery, thinking of my roundism style relating to hieroglyphics and Egyptian arts in general. I always liked the intense need for styling and I consider the depictions of the human body by the old Egyptians to be one of mankind’s greatest achievements.

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cubistic treescape colored pencil drawing

De Koepel (The Dome) at Voorburg – 01-11-18

When I go to teach at Studio Brugman, atVoorburg I often come across The Dome (De Koepel), situated in the middle of estate ‘Vreugd en Rust’. When I saw the autumn sun burst through the trees I saw the link to the ‘inner necessity’ felt by people like Alexej von Jawlensky and Kadinsky from the ‘Blaue Reiter’ movement. 1 + 1 equals two and that very sun and the exhibition I visited last Sunday at the Gemeentemuseum where I saw all his works, culmunated into this piece, rather expressionistic of nature, in which I expressed my inner necessity.

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surrealist desert graphite pencil drawing

Oudaen – 26-11-18

Last year I was at Oudaen, a city castle at Utrecht, Netherlands which now is a crowdy hotspot for party people. I was dining near the window in the corner with hundreds of people around me but a single cat was lying quietly by the window.

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Cubistic nude graphite pencil drawing

Aquatic superbeing – 06-11-18

This drawing is all about the aquatic qualities of the body of a woman. I feel it to be a privilege to look at female buttocks being part of my professional behaviour as an artist but my interests stretch beyond the erotic. To me art is all about seeing one thing in another and thus I saw a beautiful wave figure coming from the model’s left elbow, inspiring me to put more in. I also discovered dolphins and to complete it I put a golden ratio-based shell on top of her head, turning her into some kind of sea goddess. Perhaps a new Boticelli’s Venus?

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Cubistic portrait graphite pencil drawing of Angie Dickinson

Sans titre – 26-10-18​

When I was looking at the reference picture of Angie Dickinson my colleague at Studio Brugman, Gilbert said her face looked almost chiseled like a statue. I often search for old pictures like that. I find them so much better than many contemporary ones, due to the dramatic tonal bandwith that let the portrayed strike a sound pose. My job was to poor the facial features into a sort of graphite concrete while at the same time preserve the beautiful female features of a great star.

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Impressionistic landscape graphite pencil drawing

Het Oude Hof – 20-10-18 (sold)

Last week I went to visit Museum Kranenburgh at Bergen, Noord-Holland, Netherlands. I knew ‘Het Oude Hof’ was just around the corner, a place often portrayed by the artists of the ‘Bergense School’, a group of painters of, among others, Leo Gestel, Elsa Berg, Mommie Schwartz, Jaap Weijland, Jan Toorop and Jan Sluyters. After the stay at the museum I search for the Hof in the woods across the street and there it was. I decided to do the drawing rather impressionistically with rough hatched strokes, paying tribute to the expressionistic character of that artistic group of 100 years ago.

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Surrealistic Frida Kahlo nude graphite pencil drawing

Sans titre – 11-10-18 (sold)

I am not sure what I thought about her, except for her strong personality. I sometimes liked her paintings and then I didn’t. What I have in common with her is that we both are autodidacts and that we like(d) to go our own way in life. Somehow I always come across her once in a while and that is why I decided to draw her. I saw a lovely – rare – nude photograph and thought I’d include her in my sans titre / roundism series.

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cubistic nude colored pencil drawing

Julia – 11-09-18

The third drawing of Julia Gómez Avilés rendered with colour pencils. Last week I bought a great collection of Prismacolour pencils that brought me great joy using them

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surrealistic cityscape graphite pencil drawing

Free Gouda! – 25-08-18

I was walking on a Sunday afternoon, the last very hot one of this summer and the central square was deserted. No one was there because of the dying heat and I saw naked women dancing on it.

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surrealistic moument graphite pencil drawing

Gouda – 11-08-18

Last week I was walking in the direction of Museum Gouda to visit the exhibition ‘From Gauguin to Toorop’ when I saw this canal adjacent to the museum, opposite to the old church of Gouda.

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Cubistic nude graphite pencil drawing

Roundism – 04-08-18 (sold)

Creation is a transformational process. I am fascinated by the thought I evoke chaos turning my graphite pencil fillings into dust and my pencil eraser into crumbles, but at the same time creating something new.

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Cubistic portrait graphite pencil drawing of Faye Dunaway

Sans titre – 30-07-18

I was captured by the high lights at the top and the bottom and decided to keep the planes straight, putting the stress on the rough edged character of the figure.

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Cubistic nude graphite pencil drawing

Lorelei – 12-07-18

I always tell my students that art is about seeing one thing in another, just like tasting wine and describing it by comparing to something completely different than wine itself, like chocolate, red fruit, etc.

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