Cubistic nude graphite pencil drawing

Roundism – 18-08-14

Part of the ’roundism’ series and a prestudy for an oil painting I made in December 2014. From now my ‘new cubism’ has been evolved into ’roundism’.

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Cubistic nude graphite pencil

Round cubism – 14-08-14 (sold)

A piece that stands on its own because I found it not to be a part of the ‘birth of new cubism series. In its sort it’s the birth of ’roundism’, sprouting from the ‘birth of new cubism’ series that survived right till this day.

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Cubistic nude graphite pencil drawing

A 2nd tribute to Bettie Page – 13-08-14

A second ode to pin-up and 1950s’ U.S. celebrity Bettie Page. I’m thinking of cross-overs here – between realism and cubism. Still not there, I think because I think the forms are rather ‘closed’ in spite of the fact that I like the roundish shapes of the musculature on her back.

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