cubistic treescape graphite pencil drawing

Puiflijk – 27-11-20

And it so happens my niece Lilian turned out to be a great photographer. Lo and behold, artistry runs deep in the veins of our family and I asked her to use a beautiful photo she took of a treeline in Puiflijk, near to where she lives.

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impressionistic landscape colored pencil drawing

Beek-Ubbergen – 28-09-20


Just outside Nijmegen towards the German border there are two places of beauty called the Ooij Polder and the start of the ‘Nijmeegse Heuvelrug’, part of the Lower Rhine Heights.

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cubstic animal colored pencil drawing

Marlot – 24-09-20

And now for something completely different: cows in Marlot. I wanted to change the subject for once and do a drawing similar to the horses in my drawing Laren 30-04-20.

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cubistic nude colored pencil drawing

Golden Pink – 13-09-20

After my previous colored pencil drawing ‘Golden Brown – 24-08-20’ I wanted to explore the Talens Toned Color Paper futher and see what the motif of a white female model could offer me on dark blue paper.

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impressionistic nude graphite pencil drawing

Bedside Moonlighting – 31-08-20

My model and I were looking for intesting poses and on the bedside there it was: a beautiful one with some interesting lighting. Sometimes extreme light like in this particular case can offer a new insight in compositionary possibilities.

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cubistic nude colored pencil drawing called golden brown

Golden brown – 24-08-20

The other day I bought new paper by Talens (Toned Colour Mix): a sturdy dark blue sheet perfect for colored pencil and pastel sticks. I also happened to find an old pastel stick (gold, Cretacolor 48254) that I did not use yet.

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cubist nude graphite pencil drawing

Roundism – 14-08-20

In this one I started hatching up the paper with diagonal strokes like always when the motif is very dark. I did not wanted to rub them out like I am use to but quite like the hatched impression and it reminded me to the beginning of my cubist works like in ‘Round Cubism – 14-08-14’.

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cubistic nude graphite pencil drawing

Roundism – 10-08-20

Sometimes the body position defines the style of rendering. That is why this drawing came with triangles and diagonals because of the model’s triangular position.

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cubistic nude graphite pencil drawing in my roundism series

Roundism – 07-08-20

After a series and a couple of commissions it was time to do another in my Roundism series. There are many positions a model can show but I particularly like this one with the slanted position of the legs.

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impressionistic landscape graphite pencil drawing

Batenburg – 02-08-20

As you may know I often wander about and astray through landscapes I have never been before or in this particular case I know all too well. Batenburg is not far away from Nijmegen, where I was born and raised and upon my word it is a quite pittoresque village along the river Maas.

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