Child's drawing by Corne Akkers

Normaal – 06-06-78

A drawing of the band ‘Normaal’ I was very fond of. After their hit ‘Oerend Hard’ (still standing strong) they came with another song and I even got the lyrics right.

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Child's drawing by Corne Akkers

Man with sigar – 13-09-79

I remember being fond of Disney movies and there is this cartoon in which Mickey Mouse is a leader of a big band wearing a cap and tresses. Being 10 I still wanted to become a cartoonist.

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Child's drawing by Corne Akkers

Tempo (1980)

An early attempt to depict realism, using a bag of paper handkerchief (Tempo). I remember the struggle, dragging myself from the 1970s and trying to get rid of the child in me and my drawings.

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