child's drawing by Corne Akkers

Poekie (1985)

The first drawing I made of my second cat (after Miesje in the 70s). Being a calico cat I remember struggling to depict that in my drawing.

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Zwanenveld (1984)

An early realistic drawing of the view from my room in Zwanenveld, Nijmegen. I remember struggling with the depiction of so many details and trying to capture the core of the view.

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Gladiatores (1984)

A drawing I made at the Stedelijk Gymnasium Nijmegen in art class. Triggered by roman and greek literature I was reading back then, I became fascinated by gladiator fights.

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realistic colored pencil drawing of beer bottles

Beer bottles (1984)

An early coloredpencil sketch of beer bottles, learning to create mass out of tonal values. In retrospective I like this one because it shows the transition from a child to an adolescent and more mature look at things.

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child's drawing by Corne Akkers thumbnail

Log cabin (june 1981)

From September 1979 till June 1981 is was attending the Willem Barentz School at Meijhorst, Nijmegen, Netherlands. I guess it was just a great public school like there were so many to be found and I have great memories of my teachers Gerard van Eck and H.W. Landman.

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